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The Shah did not attempt to crack down on strikers,[111] but instead gave them generous wage increases, and allowed strikers who lived in government housing to remain in their homes.[9][6][111] By the beginning of November, many important officials in the Shah's government were demanding from the Shah forceful measures to bring the strikers back to work.[9][6][100][101]

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The same day, the Shah made a speech on Iranian television.[6][14][133] He referred to himself as Padeshah ('Master King'), instead of the more grandiose Shahanshah (king of kings), which he insisted on being called previously.[111] In his speech he stated "I have heard the voice of your revolution...this revolution cannot but be supported by me, the king of Iran".[111][134] He apologized for mistakes that were committed during his reign, and promised to ensure that corruption would no longer exist.[116][133] He stated he would begin to work with the opposition to bring democracy, and would form a coalition government.[9][116][133] In effect, the Shah intended to restrain the military government (which he described as a temporary caretaker government) from carrying out a full crackdown.[111]

The telegram touched off a vigorous debate in the American cabinet, with some, such as National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski,[139] rejecting it outright. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance rejected a military crackdown;[109] he and his supporters believed in the "moderate and progressive" intentions of Khomeini and his circle.[117][139]

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